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Hey there 👋

I am excited to meet you and your furry friends (I love reptilian friends too). When pets stay with me we always have a good time. From nature walks, to leveled-up fetch, or a day trip adventure --- we strive to provide an entertaining and enriching environment no matter length of stay.

Want evidence? Check the gallery to see past adventures!

a little more about me 😊

I grew up in a cat household, and have always held dogs near to my heart. I wanted to be a vet as a child because I love animals -- that was until I grew a little older and found out I'd have to see them in pain :(

Now my partner and I first bonded over dogs. We don't have one of our own (yet!) but we purposefully make dogs part of our life

Every relationship I have with a persons pet, I cherish ------- even the persnickety ones. I enjoy their presence with respect to however the pet chooses be. Providing a safe and comforting, as well as mentally & physically stimulating environment is my promise. By the end of their stay ---- your dog will be excited to come back for another!

Early in our relationship, my partner told me I have a magical ability of being like a magnet for dogs -- I brushed it off, until I looked back and realized, my entire life I have been a dog lover and appreciator.
When I am not taking a picture with your dog, petting your dog, or sitting dogs -- you can find me managing my boss's dog and my dad's dog instagram account (I told you, I love dogs).

At Ned's Pets we value safety, comfortability and appropriate play/exercise when it comes to caring for dogs. Staying with us your dog will get loads of attention and be showered with love and affection.

a little bit about Ned 🐼

As you read above, my partner upon meeting me quickly observed my connection with animals. While we are not getting a pet of our own quite yet --- at the beginning of our relationship he gifted me a small stuffed panda in lieu of a pet. So along came Ned --- our Pet Panda.


Ned has kindly allowed me to make him the mascot of my business.



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