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Piper's Mom

We are extremely happy about our experience with Jennalynn’s taking care of our dog, Piper. We were worried about it. A kennel seems harsh (a small space with little to see, a lot of barking dogs, is my picture for it). Jennalynn’s place is right by the bay, which is nice for dogs, and there are also a lot of dog parks nearby. Jennalynn sent our family several updates each day. We could tell that Piper was having a wonderful time. She got to go to a dog agility park and a good number of nature walks. She enjoys a lot of excercise, and we got the sense that she got it! She enjoyed the company of the other puppy Jennalynn was watching. She looked extremely happy in the pics we were sent. Piper is still a puppy, and Jennalynn spent some time teaching her and honing tricks, like “wait” and “come.” I’d never seen Piper play Tug of War with another dog—that’s a nice skill. We got to go away for the holidays, and we felt Piper got a vacation too (sometimes we’d joke “how is Piper doing at her B and B?”). I recommend Jennalynn to any dog owner without hesitation. We’re planning to go away this spring and we’re glad to know of a place we trust.

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